Paired Ends Genomics

Reproducible Bioinformatics Pipelines in the Cloud.


Our closed-source, proprietary, unpublished methods are the most robust and reproducible methods in the industry.


What you're proposing has obviously been done thousands of times before with some pre-existing pipeline. Surely you wouldn't need to do any kind of custom analysis, so we don't waste our time sitting around being creative.


Cloud computing. Big data. So big. Such science. Wow.


Our pipelines are deployed on the cloud, implemented as a set of whitespace scripts. Our whitespace script pipeline implementations are literally transparent, so you can trust us that they must be clearly reproducible. Big data. Clouds. Transparency. Reproducibility. Mobile. Agile. Disruptive. That's Paired Ends Genomics.

Benchmarks? Who needs benchmarks – we're using clouds. Did you catch that? Pipelines on clouds. Our alignment pipelines are faster than any others with what we assume can only be better accuracy. Our genome assembly pipelines make extensive use of GNU cat and Keith Bradnam's N50 Booster, getting you the longest N50 and contig lengths you’ll ever see. For more, see the FAQ.


Because our pipelines are reproducible and run on clouds, we firmly believe that no FAQ is necessary. If you have any questions about our product, our explanations will be much more technical than you’ll care to comprehend, with a good amount of RTFM injected throughout. We recommend directing any questions about our cloud-based reproducible pipelines to SEQanswers, where you might actually get a response.


Lior Pachter

Lior "The Lion" Pachter contributes an extensive and rigorous methods review to our team. If your methods aren't reproducible like ours, Lior will come for you.

Manolis Kellis

Because someone has to keep Lior in check, we're happy to have Manolis tame the Lion and audit our systems biology network models .


Dan Graur

Our recent research has revealed that 100% of the genome is functional. Dan is assisting with press releases and opinion/perspective articles.

Ewan Birney

When you work with us you're nearly guaranteed to result in simultanous publication of over 30 papers in several peer reviewed journals, we needed a coordinator who can help you get your own Nature app.


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+1 314 159 2654
+1 314 159 2654

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